Mission Statement

Blue Crow Records is a name inspired by Native American and ancient cultures around the world: since the beginning of time human kind has revered and thought of birds as Heavenly Beings, messengers from high above bringing us the golden flame tongue of inspiration: grace.
Blue Crow Records, a dynamic production hub, our identity is tied in the powerful creativity of our projects, with our team all your objectives will be achieved beyond expectations. At your Wedding, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, or all your Special Occasions we will find the perfect Band to complement your party and mesmerize your guests.
You need to arrange and produce your music, we will summon the best talents to achieve your creative needs: musicians, recording facilities, video shoots and editing producers, Blue Crow Records has the right fit for you. Our strong foundation in professional and state of the art musical skills and technology is always well balanced with our unique, human and creative touch, inspired by the Gods, how sweet the sound, one might say graced: Blue Crow Records.